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rocco2My barn has a wonderful school master. He’s a seventeen year old, 16.2 hands, Danish Warmblood gelding. Well schooled in Flying Changes, Piaffe, Passage, and Half Pass. He has an outstanding trot, a wonderful canter and was shown at Third Level, NEDA in 2004.

In my last lesson we were working on straightness on the quarterline, centerline and diagonal. I noticed that my 20 meter circles were much better. My weight stayed to the inside while I was bending him around my leg. I also remembered to give with my inside rein. He was able to give me some wonderful extended trots because he was so well balanced. The power behind them was incredible! I felt like I was riding a cloud.

With this horse I’ve worked on Leg Yields, Shoulder In, Shoulder Fore, and Turn on the Fore. My sub-instructor was so happy with the lesson that she wants to video it this week. If all goes well I’ll post it here as well as sending a copy to my instructor in Florida.

Stay tuned!

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