I am not a dressage rider. I just play one in the arena.

I started dressage at the ripe old age of <cough> 40. I had been a hunter/jumper for 5 years already and finally admitted that I sucked! I just didn’t have the eye for it. I’ve always loved dressage and the beauty and grace of dancing with horses. I don’t currently own a horse though. Pretend ownership is way more fun!

I started my dressage journey with an instructor that’s Fourth Level, Center Riding Certified. I used to refer to her as the Goddess because her comments were so enlightening. She did a great job of refining and fine tuning me. My current instructor is on the NEDA board, past President of the local GMO and her instructor has trained with Mary Wanless. Boy, that was a mouthful. I’m now exploring biomechanics and how my body effects the horse’s body. She also mentions what judges at the lower levels are looking for. All very enlightening.

Other things of note: I’m a wife and mother to a teenage boy. We have a Golden Retriever, and a cat. I currently work in the promotional products industry in the marketing and design capacity. I have a BFA in Graphic Design and most of my career has been in publishing. In my spare time (what’s that?) I freelance as a print and website designer (view samples).

Feel free to contact me privately at leecullen@comcast.net or leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy my journey.