(Pull…tug…stand up…sit down…rest…pull…)

It’s first thing in the morning too. It must be really humid. Like really, really humid.
Hmm, let’s find out. I’ll ask my very own personal weatherman.

“Hey Willy? Was it humid when you went outside with the trash?”
(Pull…tug…stand up…sit down…rest…pant…pull…)

“Yeah. Why? Having trouble with your boots?”

“Yes.” Gasp “Woot woot!” I exclaimed. “I got them zipped! I’ll see you in a few hours.” I bent over to kiss him goodbye then dashed out the door.

A Little Later

I’m dripping wet. Soaked. I haven’t even started my ride yet. This is not good. I wipe sweat from my forehead as we walk around the indoor. Boy is it hot.

Spurs? Check. I’ll need them in this weather.
Whip? Check.
Gloves? Uh-oh. Sinking feeling.

I can’t believe that I forgot my gloves! Sigh. Too late now. There’s no way am I dismounting to go get them. Or even worse, asking my trainer to get them for me. Gasp! I’d never hear the end of that. OK, just suck it up. You’ll live.

A Bit Later

Ow, ow, ow…
These rubber reins are killing me. Damn, I think I have a blister too. OW!

Get off my left leg.
Get off my left leg.
Get off my… OW!

Definitely blisters on my left hand.

We’re both hanging on the left. Soften the left rein, relax my left arm, push her into the right rein.
Uh-oh. I think I’m getting one on my other hand too.

When, oh when, will this lesson end!

Oh, thank God! Finally, I can examine the damage but do I dare look? I decide to sneak a peek at my left hand. Ow, three blisters along the length of my left ring finger. One of them has opened.

Then I glance at my right hand. Not as bad. Only one blister.

Note to self. Stop hanging on the reins! Especially the left one. Get the horse between both reins and soften. Hmm, maybe I should ride without gloves more often.