Ah, what a wonderful sunny day. You just couldn’t ask for better weather. Sigh.

Okay. Maybe it’s a little hot riding in the ring.
I wasn’t expecting that. Should’ve used sunscreen.
Shoulda woulda coulda. Yeah, yeah I know.
My fair Irish skin is going to burn to a crisp.

Enough of that. FOCUS!

Inside leg to outside rein.
Inside leg to outside rein.
Ahem. Wouldn’t it be easier to say leg yield without the sideways?

Oops. FOCUS!

Aw, the horse’s ears are twitching. Poor girl.
Where’d all those bugs come from?
Let’s pick up the pace and see if we can lose them.


I think a bug just bit – stung me?
That hurt. A lot.
Stop being such a baby. Suck it up and ride.

About fifteen minutes later
That was a great ride!
“Good girl.” I glanced down as I patted her neck. What’s that?!
I straightened and turned my leg slightly so I could get a better look.
Quite a bit of blood.
Darn bug drew blood.
Enough to bleed through my breeches and pool at the top of my boots.
Correction. Bleed down my boots.
What the heck bit me?

It’s hard to take a photo of your own knee.
This is the bug bite I got while riding.

“Uh, I’m bleeding.”

“What happened?!”

“I think I was bitten – stung?”

“One of those black flies? They hurt. You would’ve yelped.”

“It did hurt. I told myself to suck it up though. Did I ever mention that I’m hypersensitive? I swell up with mosquito bites.”

“I have some ointment in the barn if you want it. Benadryl too.”

“Thanks. I think I’m okay though.”

I dismount and as I start running the right stirrup up I spot more blood.
That’s right.
More blood.
Apparently it ran down my boot and onto the saddle flap.

“You have saddle soap, right? I bled onto your saddle too.”

It’s still a beautiful day. Even though nature took a bite outta me.