My vet has relocated and in celebration of her new digs she was throwing a party. The invitation outlined the details: location (further away), food, exotic animals (cool) and…pony rides.

Count me in!

Even my husband reminded me of the upcoming party.
“Hun, don’t forget there will be pony rides.”
Hee, hee, ponies.

We arrived and toured the new spacious facility. My dog, Wanda, inspected the turtle, iguana and alligator but found them all lacking. She’d much rather meet all the new dogs and vacuum crumbs from the floor. Speaking of crumbs, we were offered some delicious cucumber water and a cheese and onion sandwich. Apparently these were some of her favorite foods when she attended university in England.

Finally, it was time to check out the ponies. That’s where I found my vet. Grinning ear to ear and snapping photos of all the children. She knew I was there for the ponies. She even asked if I planned to ride. But of course.

I eyed the line. A baby, and an older child. One lap around the lot. Eh, a few minutes. I’d have to wait for the larger pony though. I moved away from my husband to join the line. Wanda protested this separation and lunged toward me. I gave her a glance and refocused my attention on the ponies. I was next. Unless that kid cut.

The larger pony had arrived! I grabbed the horn on the western saddle to mount and as I swung my leg over Wanda protested. Jumping and pulling at the leash. Apparently trying to convince my husband that I needed to be rescued. NOW!

“That your dog?” The pony guy had noticed Wanda antics.

I glanced her way. “Yes. She’s a retired guide dog.” I proudly stated while watching her whine and lunge. Very well trained by the way. Not that you’d know it watching her now.

My dismount was less than graceful as my sneaker caught in the stirrup. I know I left some skin behind on that one. Ow.

Wanda was ecstatic that I was once again Earth bound. To prove it to me she dragged my husband over and grabbed my forearm in her mouth. All while wagging and talking to me.

The pony ride was short but sweet.

Wanda considered it eternally long.