Yeah. Sigh.
That’s right. I’m a glutton for punishment.
Why? Because I chose to ride the wiggly horse.

What’s wrong with me!? (shaking head)
He’s afraid of his own shadow.
Oh, and beams of light.
And doors.
Most especially doors with beams of light.
Instructors too.
Especially if they’re near doors.

Okay, time to suck it up. After all I picked him.

Our entire ride consisted of refusals.
He refused to go anywhere near the far end of the indoor.
Nope. Not happening.
That’s where the scary door was waiting to trip him with it’s light beam.

Then he refused to go near the entrance.
My instructor was lurking there.
No, he’d much rather go backwards.
Preferably into the other horse.
Hmm, did I mention that the barn is through that door?
That should encourage him to go forward!
Ha! Yeah, right.

At one point my instructor most’ve moved. (Damn her.)
The horse scooted left.
I continued right.
Nearly sailing over his shoulder.
I was saved by my left calf.
Charley horse!

And that’s why we have to sit up.

To prevent falling off while our horses run away screaming like little girls.