I swipe at a stray feather caught on my lip. (cough, cough)
What was that? A canary? Yellow? Nope. Haven’t seen it. (cough, cough)
Alright. Sigh. You’ve caught me.


Are you happy now?

Why? Why what?
Oh. Why did I swallow it?
Because it was singing. Duh.
This is my tale to tell. Not his.


Ahem, so let me fill you in on things.

I audited the NEDA Spring Weekend with Olympians Michael Poulin and Carol Lavell and then I had the greatest ride! Even my instructor thought so.

“I can’t believe how round he is! You definitely learned something this weekend.”

The praise is well earned but before it totally goes to my head let me explain. I was riding the wiggly horse. He’s a small Morgan that isn’t as well trained as the mare I usually ride. Uh, that means people – okay, kids – don’t usually get him pulled together. I haven’t ridden him in, um, months and I totally nailed it! He was round. And I mean round.

I was really thinking (literally) about shoulder in as I was cruising around the arena. This really got him stepping up and under himself. It was amazing.

Now this got me thinking. Why was I able to get – and keep – him really round? It’s hard for me to do this consistently with the mare. Is it size? Does size really matter? (snicker) Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m serious. The mare is pretty big and he’s more my size. Petite.
Or… am I learning a lot on the mare that translates well to other horses?
I guess the mare has a lot to teach me still.

Regardless it was a great ride. Even if the canter was a little choppy. He’s so unbalanced that cantering to the left I felt like he was splaying his legs.

Hmm, don’t tell my husband but I may have a new boyfriend.  😉