It’s all about the process.

When I attended NEDA’s Spring Weekend, with Olympians Michael Poulin and Carol Lavell, that was my biggest take away. It’s all about the process. It doesn’t matter if it’s training, mental preparation for the rider or taking control of everything – and I mean everything – before a show. If it works, stay with it.

So, if you’re super independent and like to do everything yourself – you control freak you – rest assured that your horse will know who’s boss. This will help reassure you and the horse because these things haven’t changed. Especially if you’re shipping off to a show.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

That reminds me. DO NOT look at them! Uh, the lions, tigers and bears. It’s OK to look at Michael & Carol. Unless they’re the lions, tigers and bears. In which case DO NOT look at them!

Take control of the horse with your outside rein (ha, easier said then done) and change direction or go onto a circle. Don’t leave it until you can stop, steer and stand in both directions. Then you have control of the hind legs. At least until they spot the lion hiding over there in the shadows.

The Discovery Channel

Remember that dressage is an art form. Even though there are many books and trainers telling us how to do things, we still have to discover what works best for us and our horses. We can use the books and trainers as guidelines but then I highly recommend that you grab your paints and express yourself.

They also suggested that you think of riding shoulder in on the straights. It’s a wonderful way of controlling the neck and engaging the hind. You’ll feel that inside leg stepping up and under. Believe me. This is how my trainer has me ride.

This was just a quick take away from an auditors view point. I hope you gleaned something helpful too.