Life can change in a heartbeat. I know that. I’ve lived through many of it’s twists and turns. Knocked down more times than I care to remember—just like you. Every time I come back a little stronger. Why? Because better things are coming.

I can feel that old spark coming back. A warmth spreading inside my chest as I approach riding with renewed energy. No longer am I weighed down by work stress. I’m relaxed and it shows in my riding.

The Three Little Pigs

Uh, did you hear that? My horse’s ears flick in response.

Overnight a front had blown in and the weather has changed quite a bit. The wind is creating eerie sounds that echo within the indoor. In the distance, I can hear the faint clang of metal. As we trot past a door, the wind howls and knocks it against the frame.  Winter has finally arrived in New England and it’s attempting to get inside just like the Big Bad Wolf.

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in!”

There are now three horse and rider pairs in the indoor. Despite the wind I’ve had a fantastic lesson. What a difference it makes when you’re not carrying work stress in with you. I’m actually relaxed, huh.

Two of us picked up a canter. As we passed the open doorway the wind huffed and puffed and blew us in. Just like a straw house.

In slow motion I had witnessed her head pop up as she prepared to bounce to the side like a cat. I had just enough time to register that I was still holding the whip in my inside hand. “Crap!” (OK, so my language was a bit stronger than that.) I can’t perform a one rein stop! Drop the whip! Turn her to the inside! Bend, bend…

Whew! I looked around to see that we’d stopped in the center of the indoor.

My instructor applauded my ability to sit the spook and drop the whip. Then she confesses that three other students had come off horses earlier in the day.

Silly Wolf, you’ve filled your quota.