Oh my God, what is this? I move some papers aside to reveal a dusty laptop. It’s in a sad state of neglect and begs for my attention. You see, I’ve spent the last few months caught in a vortex. Too busy running here, there and everywhere. I swear that I put 1,000 miles on my car in just over a week. Hmm, maybe more. The repercussions? I ran out of blogging gas.

I was just coming up for air when everything came to a

I lost my job.

So what does a newly unemployed, struggling dressage rider do? Pack up my desk. Actually, it was already packed in a small box. (shrug) Hey, this lay off wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Next? Contact family and friends with the news.
I had been texting my husband so he received a “Me too”

“Hi, Mom. Happy birthday! How are you today?”
(Pause while Mom responds.)
“That sounds like fun. I have bad news. I just lost my job.”

Facebook was already burning up with the news so I had to make a preemptive strike and contact my sister before someone else told her.
“Hi, Bug” Aren’t big sisters the best? I have a slew of nick names for that little pain in the butt, uh, I mean for my lovely little sister. “How are the kids?”
(Pause while Stacey responds.)
“Well, I have some bad news. I lost my job.”

Next step? Hmm, dust off the laptop and start looking at job postings.

By noon I’ve discovered 2 freelance positions on Craigslist that may prove worthwhile. I need to dust off my resumé though so let’s change gears.

Horses, riding, lessons. Oh my.
I have a lot of time on my hands now but I can’t really afford to shell out money to ride. I’ll check out equinesite.com. They usually have something posted for horseless riders / riderless horses. BINGO! Someone has two horses that need exercising about a half hour away. Email sent.

Now what?
Um, network. Right.
Facebook? Check.
Emails sent? Check.
Blog? Check. (Two days later but done.)

Riding lesson here I come!

Psst! Anyone need a graphic designer? Freelance, telecommute, full-time, whatever. I’m available.