I feel like it’s my birthday. I finally succeeded in riding square turns that are well, SQUARE.
Square turns, uh-huh…
Square turns, uh-huh…
It’s my birthday…
It’s my birthday…

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself so let’s go back to what had happened earlier. Uh, bear with me while I rewind.
(Rewinding, rewinding… STOP. Play.)

You see it all started when the alarm clock woke me up. Huh? Oh, sorry. I rewound too far.
(Fast forward, fast forward…STOP. Play.)

Now where was I? Oh, yeah. It all started with work tension and balloons.
That’s right. Balloons. Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

In order to relax my instructor asked me to exhale. Of course, I was already exhaling right? Inhale. Exhale. HELLO.

Not quite. I had to exhale like I was blowing out a candle.
Um, OK. (huff!)
Huh, it kinda worked. For just a moment I felt my shoulders drop and my seat got heavier.

Exhale longer. Like you’re letting the air out of a balloon.
Okaaay. (huuuuffffff!)
Wow! That was cool.
(huuuuffffff, huuuuffffff, huuuuffffff)

Now let’s go back to that quarter turn exercise. The one that I can’t seem to do. Gosh darn, good for nothing body. Sigh. Walk from one long side to the other. (Huff, huffff) Look over my shoulder into the turn and keep the outside rein. Contain the haunches. (Huff, huffff)A smidge of inside leg. (Huff, huffff) Keep walking.

Oh my God, I did it! I finally felt as though my legs didn’t exist below the knees.

She was right. I was gripping with my leg. It didn’t feel like I was gripping but I was.

It’s my birthday…
It’s my birthday…