Aaargh!  I’ve had it! I can’t do this. Maybe I’m just not ready to work on this. Didn’t Tracie say it’s a Second Level movement? Second [gulp]? When did I graduate? And why is dressage so hard?

Turn on the haunches? Ha. More like haunches turn around.

I can’t DO this!
I hate my body.
Hate it.
Hate it.
Hate it.

OK, let’s try again.
Walk, walk, walk…
Half-halt, rock her back, stop [good so far]
Look to the right…
Keep that outside rein and turn…

Aaargh! I lost her haunches again.
I hate my left leg.
Why won’t you stay put?

Why, why, why is riding sooo hard? Oh wait. Dressage. Why is dressage so hard? I think I’d much rather be playing in the sandbox. Oh, wait [dope slap] I am. A big sandbox.

I need a new strategy. I know! I’ll call upon my Spirit Guide, the T-Rex.
Inhale, exhale…
I feel powerful and determined.

I am woman hear me roar!

[Gales of laughter fill the air.]