Oh, my God! Did you see who just walked by us?
[I look back at her. Then away. Then back again. Away.]


The petite woman wearing a baseball cap? That’s Debbie!
[I look around the room and spot her at a table. Then away. Then back again. Away.]

Debbie who?

Debbie McDonald! Wow. I’m actually taller  [dreamy expression]  and  [gulp, looks down]  heavy-er. Uh, yeah. So, have you even seen Debbie ride? She looks so tall and elegant on a horse. And she’s an Olympian — within touching distance. [sigh] I want to be her when I grow up.
[I look toward her table. Then away. Then I grab my friend and drag her along.]

Debbie McDonald

Um, Debbie?


I’m so sorry to bother you but I really admire you. You look so elegant on horseback. I was a hunter/jumper too and I’m still having trouble with my position.

It takes a long time but you’ll get there.

I hope so. Maybe I’ll see you later at the competitors’ party?

I have a photo signing for Trilogy before that so we’ll see.

[I talked to Debbie. Debbie McDonald. She’s really nice. Uh, if I go to the signing would I be a creepy stalker?]