Are you a rider or an owner with a horse competing in any Test 3 classes at the NEDA Fall Festival of Dressage?

You are?!

Then did you know that you could win between $270-$330 in prize money regardless of your placement within the classes?

Huh, I didn’t think so. Well let me fill you in. This is an opportunity for you, the adult amateur, to reap the rewards. After all, why should only the top riders win all the money?

What do you have to do?
Enter the Cash for Gold classes sponsored by
(Ahem, those are the Test 3 classes held on Sunday, September 18, 2011).

Are there strings attached?
Of course. To be eligible to win the rider or owner has to be or become a Gold Member of That’s $25 a month. Hey, I heard that groan!

Let’s put it into perspective.
$25 is less than one riding lesson.
$25 could put $270 in your pocket, if there are 3 other Gold Members with higher scores.
$25 could put $290 in your pocket, if there are 2 other Gold Members with higher scores.
$25 could put $310 in your pocket, if there is 1 other Gold Member with a higher score.
$25 could put $330 in your pocket, if you have the highest score among the Gold Members. Assuming there are any.

What’s in it for you?
Uh, money.
Membership to an online educational website offering videos of the world’s top riders. Fine-tune your skills by watching them demonstrate theirs or learn how to deal with training challenges.

How do I become a Gold Member?
I thought you’d never ask.
Sign up at today.
Last minute Sallys can visit the show office and sign up prior to competition.

Official Rules
Visit the NEDA home page and click on the Cash for Gold banner to download the Official Rules PDF.

Look for me on the show grounds!
I’d love to meet you so don’t be afraid to say hi. You can find me in the show office or on the grounds.

Disclosures: Both organizations are clients however, I was not asked to post this information by either party.