Maybe, just maybe, you’ve noticed that I haven’t been around this month. Well, it’s through no fault of mine. It’s just that life has gotten in my way — big time!

First, I went on a much needed vacation to Washington D.C. It was fantastic and I can’t possibly tell you how much walking we did. A lot of history to absorb and free museums to check out. The drive to and from home? Not so good. We were tired and cranky. Really, really cranky. Note to self, fly next time.

Then, my mother was really sick. That’s scary because a few years ago she was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease. Thankfully it was only bronchitis and quickly under control. It’s pure torture for me because I live three hours away.

Then, my toddler niece was rushed to the hospital. They thought that she had a mini stroke. Thankfully, she didn’t but she remains an inpatient. My evenings are spent there providing my sister with support and a chance to escape for a little while.

Now we’ve been hit with Hurricane Irene. Sigh. What else could possibly be in store?

I’ll return as soon as I can relocate my funny bone.