I see London, I see France, I see Lee’s underpants!

That got your attention, huh? Actually, you can’t see my underpants because I’m wearing breeches. Nah-na-na-nah!

Childish, I know but bear with me. (Shaking my head at myself in disgust.)
This playground rhyme will help you ride on the bit. Yes, even you can ride on the bit! (Gasp!)

By sitting like a proper girl while wearing a dress. Ahem, keep your knees together. Hey, I’m serious!

OK, what I’m actually talking about is narrowing the area between your thighs. They drape softly along the horse’s sides but imagine that they form a V. The top of the V respresents your hips. The narrowest section is at your knees. I’m not saying to pinch! I just don’t want to see your underpants. Geez.

You’re just giving the horse a narrower tunnel to travel through. As the horse touches each tunnel wall it will move away. The narrowness will keep the movements small and before you know it your horse is traveling straight. You achieved small subtle cues. Yah! (Party dance.) Uh, just don’t forget all the other cues. It’s all tied together.

Oh, you’ll know when you’ve done it wrong. Believe me, you’ll know.
Your knees will come away from the saddle. Your thighs will open and…

I’ll see your underpants.
My eyes, my burning eyes!