Heels away

Are you still with me? Then let’s do the Charleston!

Seriously, I love to dance and to me dressage is dancing on horseback. In order to ride successfully we need to work. When we’re dancing, we’re working. They aren’t passive sports. Believe me. My legs and gluts are burning from my last guinea pig session.

Now just like the Charleston Mary Wanless says that you have to keep your heels up, out and away from the horse’s side. No gripping with the lower leg. Oops! And no unintentional bumping. Sorry. You need to create a narrow passage through the thighs.

Knees on a bar

Time to throw in a few more ingredients.

Imagine that there’s a bar running through the horse and into your knees. Ouch! Your knees stay attached to this bar – ALWAYS! You’ll maintain a deep kneeling position. Thigh torture! When you use your lower leg everything else stays in place. If you’re posting this is your hinge and you’re bearing down into your thighs.

Go dance!