Waistband back, pelvis up, arm cuffs, boxes, knee bars, lats…

My mind is reeling from all the Ride with Your Mind information it’s trying to absorb. You’ve heard of Mary Wanless haven’t you? If not I highly recommend checking her out. The coolest part? She admits that she’s not a natural rider. I don’t know about you but neither am I. That’s why I audited the clinic and now my brain is spinning, er, I mean reeling. See what I’m talking about? It’s been two days and I can’t even speak. Wait. I’m writing. Think?

Yeah, so let’s get back on topic. The clinic.

Would you like to see my notes? I thought so.

Stiff and Hollow Sides 

How many of you look like this on a horse? Uh, me for one. Sometimes. (You don’t need your glasses. It’s my phone’s camera.) Why? Because we aren’t filling up the hollow side of the horse. (Psst! That’s the left side in my drawing.) Or maybe we forgot to keep equal weight in our seat bones and we’re falling off on the right? GUILTY!

The cure? We have to fix ourselves and by doing that we’ll fix our horses. Don’t let your seat bone slip off the saddle. Climb that mountain of a wither and put your seat bones on either side. Equally. Now keep them there. Can’t? Then imagine that I’m standing on your left side (horse’s hollow side above) and my arms are wrapped around your hips. Sorry, but I’ll have to touch you. Now I’m pulling on your right hip. PULL!

Better? No!?? Well you have to imagine that I’ll still hanging off your side while your riding.

Now go practice.