Actually, I’m not a cheerleader and never have been but for friends and family?


Hey, what can I say? I believe in moral support. Oh, and volunteering. That’s why I was at the NEDA Spring Dressage Competition. To do a little bit of both.

They had wonderful weather on Saturday. It was fairly warm and no rain in sight (can you believe it?). Most importantly though the wind was not attempting to shake, rattle or knock anything down. Horses and riders alike were thanking their lucky stars for that one.

It was a wonderful day and my instructor did really well debuting her horse at First Level. Here’s a glimpse of the day.

The warm up ring.

Chilling between classes.

That's Jane Hannigan on the dark bay and my instructor.

Sunday, I awoke bright and early to pouring rain. I’m talking torrential downpour. Even my dogs didn’t want to go outside. Considering the weather I wasn’t feeling like much of a cheerleader. (yawn.) Nope. I’m going back to bed. Zzzzzz