Hey, uh, can we talk? Um, I don’t think I can do this. They’re all looking at me. Well, okay, maybe it’s only 1-2, uh 3 sets of eyes and a cat. Oh, and the lawn guy over there but they’re all looking at me. Waiting for me to do this.

What if I screw up? Yeah, I know it’s not a test but it’s my turn to demonstrate haunches in and a quarter turn walk pirouette! I just learned it and now they’re watching! <Gulp.>

Oh, boy. It was easier when I thought no one was looking at me.

Argh! I couldn’t pull it off. All those eyes.

Okay, all isn’t lost. (Deep breath, exhale) I have another chance to pull it off.

No one’s there.
No one’s there.
No one’s there.

Let’s do this! Haunches in down the long side at a walk.

No one’s there.
No one’s there.
No one’s there.

Quarter turn pirouette…
Bend, half-halt, move the shoulders, catch the hind…
move, catch…move, catch…

Ta da!

That was soo cool! I actually had control of the shoulders and hindquarters. <Gasp!>

More! More! Let’s do it again.
Just promise me you won’t watch. Okay?

Hey! You’re peeking.