Lately, I’ve had a vehicle handling problem. I can’t for the life of me seem to turn left without fishtailing—wildly. The rear end skids to one side and I over correct it while steering in the opposite direction. I stop breathing as the front end bobs left, then right and finally straightens out. With things seemingly under control, I can finally relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Whew! A spin out has been narrowly averted. We continue straight for a few more seconds.

But wait [dope slap]—we totally missed our turn!

Huh. Let’s do that again.

I canter down the long side, reducing engine power as we ride deeply into the corner. Straighten out for a few seconds, down shift and ride into another deep corner.

Prepare to circle left NOW!

Uh-oh, I can feel the rear end starting to skid.  I’m losing control!
Fishtailing ensues.

I’m informed that I need to use more outside rein in order to turn left. Yeah, right. You’re telling me that I need more right rein in order to turn left? That doesn’t make sense. Left = left, right = right. Right? I mean left. I’m soo confused.

That’s right. To go left use the right. Let’s put it to the test. Do everything you did before. Coming into the circle though, I want you to only use your inside rein. You shouldn’t be able to turn. This will show you how much outside rein you need.

Okay, I accept your challenge!

I drop my outside rein coming out of the final corner, plant my inside leg and­­…TURN LEFT!

Good for you! That shouldn’t have happened but good for you. You had him in the outside rein. That’s why you were able to turn.

Outside rein?! I didn’t have no stinkin’ outside rein.

Maybe it’s not a steering issue after all. Yeah, I think maybe the alignment is slightly out of whack. Hmm, know of any good mechanics?