I’m in love. Sigh.

His name is Jarl. He’s dark, handsome and foreign. Sigh. Maybe a tad short. Hey, wait a minute. Who am I to comment on that? I’m rather vertically challenged too. But he’s sooo darn cute! I just love how his thick, dark hair hangs down into his dreamy, dark brown eyes. Sigh.

We got to know each other while walking around the indoor. I found out that he was a sheep herder in Iceland and uh, he’s bombproof. That’s right. Bombproof. Didn’t bat an eyelash as the wind caused the doors to bang. I know! That’s a great quality, huh?

Now between you and me, he’s rather small for an Icelandic. Kinda more like a big dog. Uh, no offense, Jarl, but I did say BIG. Oh, and cute. Really, really cute. Sigh.

He’s really popular at our barn and I can see why. Jarl has quite the personality and I laughed the whole time. Another great quality. Humor.

As the evening progressed Jarl offered to show me how to tolt. I was thrilled to experience this special Icelandic gait. The tolt is a collected 4 beat gait in which the head remains up. It was fantastic! Such a smooth gait that it actually tickled my funny bone. I laughed and laughed. Then the canter. I had to lean forward, place my hands up his neck and kiss. Off we went! Flashbacks to hunter jumper days.

I can’t wait for our next date, er, ride.