When we last encountered our dressage rider she was a bit of an emotional mess. Her butt had just been kicked and she resolved to learn from the experience as tears crashed around her.

Has she managed to put the episode behind her? Let’s find out…

“Tug, Bella! Tug!”

Uh, could you tell us what it is you’re doing?

“Sure, dressage homework.”

Kinda looks like you’re playing tug of war to me.

Tug with both dogs but my body isn't properly aligned.

“Uh-huh, I’ve done some research about riders and what may cause us to tip forward.”

Care to share what you learned?

“Long story short? I need to engage my core and tilt my pelvis back slightly to stabilize my position. I don’t have a horse to practice on so the gymball will have to do. I’m also working on keeping my elbows bent and at my side. Dressage is all about correct position and not about upper body strength. My dogs were willing to help test my theory. So far, so good. They haven’t unseated me.”

Tug with Wanda. Notice that my body is more correctly aligned?

Is this the end?

Tune in next time…