A while ago, I declared war on my body. That’s right, war!

Why? Well, my right side has been especially, um, naughty. It has a will of it’s own and insists on sneaking across the border into enemy territory. It always gets caught in the act too. That’s right, always. My trainer has the eyes of a sniper and nothing gets past her. Nothing. Sigh. Of course, the right side always claims to be innocent of any wrong doing because after all the border is invisible. If you can’t see it how can you be guilty of crossing into enemy territory?

Stop making excuses and just ride!
Oops, sorry. I’m not making excuses though. I’m owning up to a few bad habits. Things like a creeping leg, a hand that wants to cross over the withers, uh, falling off toward the right side and, um, several others. Hmm, notice that I said ‘habits’? That means there’s still hope! Habits can be changed. All I have to do is become aware of it and interrupt the pattern. I can do this! If I can conquer cigarettes, I can conquer the world. (Play evil laugh track.)

So, let’s get back to those bad habits. Thanks to my trainer, I’m now aware of them. Each and every one of them. Sigh. But that’s okay. I’ve also been given the tools to win the war and — it seems to be working. Gasp! I know. Isn’t it great? (jumping up and down)

Maybe when I grow up I’ll be a real dressage rider. I’m only 44, plenty of time for growing up.

I’ve won a few skirmishes
My hands are quieter and following better although sometimes my elbows straighten. I think that’s because I’m losing my balance. Balance. It’s all about balance.

My right leg isn’t creeping up any more.

I’m picking up my left diagonal again. Now that I understand that this horse wants to throw me right. It’s her hollow side.

I’m not falling off toward the right side as much. (See above.)

My right hand isn’t nearly as sneaky as it was. Keeping the correct rein length helps tremendously. Yet another thing that I’m constantly working on. (Close darn fingers! Close!)

Upcoming battles
Not allowing myself to fall forward.

Stay tuned for more…