Maybe, just maybe change is good. Maybe. You see no one had told me it was Opposite Day. Okay, maybe not in the true sense of the word but believe me everything was — well, opposite.

For instance they swapped horses on me. Can you believe it? I’m not complaining though. I’m just praying that I’ll be able to avert New Horse Syndrome. Please, please, please.

Savannah was already being ridden so, I’d ride the schoolmaster instead.

The schoolmaster is stiff right, hollow left.

I was wearing my new winter riding stuff and —
Well, you get the idea.

The meat and potatoes
I’d have a chance to work on some lateral movements with a horse that did them easily. There was a catch though. Of course, there’s always a catch. Sigh. I’d have to ask for each movement correctly otherwise, I wouldn’t get it. As a matter of fact, I may not be able to get Charlie to move — at all! Gasp!

I was successful in getting him to walk, even to do haunches in and shoulder in while walking. It was an incredibly slow pace but I did it. Yah!

Then it was time to ask for the right lead canter from a walk. Ack, I can’t look.
“You may not get it though. Not many people do the first time.”
And off we went. Cantering around the ring.
Ahem, Opposite!

Soon enough, I was faced with an inability to ask and get for the canter. I was on the left lead, which meant that his stiff side was on the right. I could feel him ever so slightly, pressing against my right leg and instead of standing him up in the outside rein, I stiffened. Stiff right against stiff right does not produce a canter. Sigh.

Then I started to get nervous. Not because I was afraid in a fear way but because I was afraid I’d look stupid. Yep, stupid. I felt stupid because I couldn’t get canter, therefore I looked stupid. Do you like my logic? Sigh. A stranger was watching this part of my lesson and for some reason I felt the need to — well, not look stupid.

Of course, I didn’t need to worry about it because within a few strides I was cantering. Whew!

Then it was time for sitting trot. Oh, no. Sit a few strides then post a few strides.
Sitting…sitting…sitting…huh, comfy…sitting
“Lee, do you find him comfortable to sit?”
“Heck, yeah!”
“Not many people do.”
“You go girl!”

I think I sat the trot at least twice around the arena! That’s two laps not two strides!

Next up was the flying change! I was to pick up the right lead canter, cross the diagonal and around X ask for the lead change. Intentionally! I’ve never done this intentionally and guess what? Success! More than once.

I want more!
More, more, more!