Recently, we were all gathered around my parent’s dining room table catching up on things. Over coffee, I was filling them in on Brett’s freshman year at high school. Specifically, the mid-term progress report that said he was in danger of failing Language Arts. Um, that’s English to you and I. FAILING! I admit that we freaked out. After all he’s a good student with three honors classes. (beaming with pride) So, how could he be failing Language Arts?! Honors Language Arts!

Turns out he wasn’t. But because Brett hadn’t read anything off the summer reading list he started the year with a big, fat zero. Huh, they’re actually supposed to read during the summer. I thought it was just a suggested reading list not a required reading list. My bad.

OK, we already have him tutored for Math. We’d just have to get another for Language Arts. In this case me. I love English and Literature. To help Brett succeed in school, I decided to re-evaluate my after work schedule because three nights a week I don’t get home until after 7:30 pm. That’s a little late to scarf down dinner, review his homework, ask for corrections, type up and spell check papers and have him in bed at decent hour. In order to be there for him I decided to put boxing on hold.

Now it was my mother’s turn to freak out.
What’s wrong with you? Why are you quitting everything?
What else did I quit?
Riding! And now boxing. Everything that you enjoy.
Uh, I didn’t quit riding, Mom. I took a few months off last winter. I ride every Thursday night.
I need to save some money and help Brett with his grades. For now boxing’s on hold.

I’m a quitter?

Is it that wrong to put the needs of others before my own?
If so, then I’m a quitter!