I finally got my grubby little hands on my lesson video! Rare photographic evidence that I actually ride. (Previous videos can be found here.) I had to edit it though. There’s no way anyone wants to watch a 45 minute lesson. I’m not even the star! I just have a teeny tiny bit role in the film. If you look closely you’ll see me drift in and out of a few scenes. Don’t blink!

It’s a beautiful, cold Thanksgiving morning.

Please take your motion sickness pills before viewing.
The woman behind the camera was not interested in me. Obviously. However, I was captured in two cantering segments that I spliced together here for your viewing pleasure. Now if only I could plant my butt in that saddle. Sigh.

I’m cool, uh-huh.
I think I finally have it! I’ve become an example of the following arm at the walk. It’s taken so long to get to this point.

Taking the good with the bad.
Did I mention that Savannah’s had a few days off? That means she’s strong. I mean really strong. As in NO whoa. She’s also heavy on the left rein (stiff side) and light on the right side (hollow side). I tried to transition to a halt and she wasn’t having any of it. This led to a rein back to get her to listen. I counter intuitively clung to her right side as she hung on the left rein. That allowed her to exit right. Exactly what she wanted to do and I told her it was okay. Stupid body! Stupid, stupid body!

To quote Jane Hannigan, “It’s training, not showing.”