So, remember that video I promised you? Yeah. Well, I don’t have one. Yet. I had everything planned out too. Everything. My non-horsey husband had even agreed to play videographer during my lesson. I think the last time he saw me ride was…hmm, a year ago? Can you believe that he was actually looking forward to standing around in the cold while I rode? Sigh, now that’s love. Unfortunately, at the last moment, he had to stay late at work. Not to worry though because I had the camera!

I pulled into the driveway, tossed on my helmet, grabbed my gloves, whip and camera and…wait a sec. The camera. Shoot! I didn’t charge it. Please, please, please let there be power. I flipped it open and hit the power button. Nothing. I hit it again because if at first you don’t succeed… Yeah, it didn’t help. No juice at all.

I doubt you missed much anyway, sigh. Just a lesson about the stiff and hollow sides of our horse and how to fill the hollow side up. The horse I ride, like most horses, is stiff left and hollow right. I know this because she hangs on the left rein. Then, I hang on the left rein and grip with the right leg. Before I know it my left ring finger is blistered (even with a glove) and I can’t feel my left arm! But like I said, you didn’t miss much.

Last week, I arrived fully prepared! I had a fully charged video camera in hand. Yeah! I was however missing a key component, the videographer, but someone could film a short clip. Right? Maybe. Please. Did I say fully prepared? Sigh.

As luck would have it, I was sharing my Thanksgiving Day morning lesson and her mother brought a camera too! Woo hoo, a videographer! I’ve been promised a copy of the lesson and after some editing I hope to have it posted here soon.

Now for the thankful part. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and son. Allowing me to ride on Thanksgiving morning was a wonderful gift of love and understanding. I’m equally blessed to have a trainer flexible enough to teach on a holiday morning, a friend willing to share the lesson and her mother who was willing to video it all.

Thank you all for sharing the holiday I’m truly grateful.