Uh, Lee? Savannah’s ears flick.  You there?
Scared. Her head has started to lift.
“Of what?” I glance around while continuing to post.
That! She twists her head to get a better look.
“The corner? Don’t be silly.” I urge her to continue trotting the track past the corner.
Outta here!  (Exit stage left.)

And that’s how I found myself nearly in the center of the indoor.

I didn’t listen to her. I mean really listen.

I was found guilty of Spousal Hearing. You know what I’m talking about. I tuned in at the beginning and then conveniently tuned out. “Blah, blah, blah…,” played like white noise in the background. I even interjected the occasional grunt to signify that I was listening. But I wasn’t. If I had been we wouldn’t have ended up HERE. Although, I’m grateful it wasn’t THERE. (Pointing at the ground.)

Take two
Let’s try that again, huh? Trot please.
Uh, Lee? Ears flick.
“It’s OK. Really.” I open my inside rein to direct her head away from the scary corner while pushing her into the outside rein.
“Good girl!” She managed to take a half step off the track but I’ll take it. Much better.

Take three
The others exited while I continued to trot around the indoor. The whole idea of trotting was very short lived though. As soon as Savannah realized we were alone she high tailed it for the door. I stayed with her but it wasn’t pretty. Not pretty at all. I was actually perched above the saddle. Frozen in the rise portion of my post. We stayed at the door and listened as the others untacked their horses.

I guess I had tuned her out again. Sigh.

Could someone please recommend a good couples counselor?
We really need to work on this whole communication / listening thing.