Wouldn’t you know it! I take two weeks off from riding and what do I return to? Duck butt. Yeah, that’s right, sigh, duck butt.

Hey, I wonder if my tail feathers are pretty! (Looking over my right shoulder.) Nope. No color whatsoever. I’m stuck with plain, brown, female duck butt. Hmm, we’ll have to work on that. If I have to visualize having a duck butt then I want some color! Maybe some blue to match my shirt? Or green? I like green too. Conservative enough for the dressage ring, although it puts a whole new spin on wearing “tails”. Some day I’ll hear, “Entering Ring 1 is Lee Cullen-Duck Butt riding…”

Ah, some day…

Now where was I? Oh, yeah. Duck butt! And how, exactly does one achieve duck butt in the saddle? That’s simple. Sit in the saddle and emphasis the natural arch in your lower back. This puts your tummy out in front and your seat bones will be aimed back behind you. What does this position achieve? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Although it does remind me of dragging a stick in the sand as I walked. I made a nice, squiggly line.

In order to ride effectively, I need to fix my duck butt. That means engaging those darn core muscles. This brings my tummy in and flattens my lower back. Then I double check that my bum is tucked up underneath me placing my seat bones in neutral. Done. Now, let’s pick up that trot!

The rest of my lesson went swimmingly.

‘Til next time.
Quack! Quack!
Waddle, waddle…