Children cannot resist sweets and it has nothing to do with eating the forbidden fruit…er, cake. I’ll even prove it to you.

I will need a child volunteer from the audience.
Brooke will be the test subject. She recently celebrated her first birthday so she qualifies as a child. Okay, she didn’t exactly volunteer but it’s a matter of convenience and she’s not camera shy.

A child that has never eaten sweets.
“Impossible!” you say. Ha! Due to medical issues Brooke has never eaten solids. She currently relies on a feeding tube to receive nutrients. Fluids are out but eating isn’t. I’m not looking at nutritional value here. I just want to trigger the desire to eat.

The first taste
I placed a microscopic daub of icing on my fingertip and rubbed it on Brooke’s bottom lip. She tentatively tasted it. I repeated the process but this time I placed it on the inner edge of her bottom lip. She tasted it again. No sign of rejection so far. I placed a little more icing on my fingertip and insert it into her mouth. At first Brooke’s unsure of what she should do then she starts to suck the icing off my finger. Yah!

Let’s up the ante
I showed Brooke my fingertip and waited for her response. A grin! I’m thrilled! After all who doesn’t like sugar?

I don’t want Brooke to associate the taste with my finger. Although she bit me, I am not food. In an attempt to get her to associate the taste with food I placed her fingers in the cake on her high chair tray. From there I encouraged her to place her finger into her own mouth. Bingo!

The guests stood around slacked jaw. “But she doesn’t eat!”
I guess that was our standing ovation.

It’s decided.

Let them eat cake and play with their food.