Boring lesson on biomechanics? Ha! I don’t think so. Not even remotely close. Wanna know what I learned? I learned another technique to help my horse balance.

(Uh, you don’t have a horse.) Hey, I heard that. I know I don’t have a horse. Minor technicality. I’m preparing for someday over the rainbow…

Great. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Let’s get back on topic.
Are you ready? Good.

To help balance your horse in a transition think about performing one step of turn on the forehand. Only think about it. Don’t actually do it.

Confused? Please read my disclaimer: I’m a struggling dressage rider not an instructor.

So, let’s start at the beginning. Set your horse up on the centerline and ask for only one step of turn on the forehand. If it’s done correctly your horse is using the inside hind to step under. Stepping under = engaging the hind. Engaging the hind = balancing the horse. Balancing the horse = hitting the jackpot! Cha-ching!

Now turn it up a notch. Start riding a 20 meter circle (sorry, necessary evil) at a walk. As you cross the centerline ask for a halt while thinking of turn on the forehand. Don’t do it though.

Did you feel it? Yeah, that! The horse rebalanced and squared up! Good for you. happy dance

Do it again but transition from trot down to a walk.
See what I mean? How could this be boring?

Wash, rinse and repeat at the canter. Put it in the spin cycle now. Stay in a canter and use it strictly as a balancing aid.

When things feel weird but work great, all I can say is give me MORE!