Imagine my dismay when I was unable to read my email this morning – again. I guess Comcast SmartZone was overdue considering that they had a national email outage for most of July. Sigh.

I’m lost without my virtual connection to the world. At last count I had 19 emails that I couldn’t read. Granted most of them are retailers trying to get me to part with my hard earned cash but I know of a few that I’d like to read. Like comments to posts on this blog :).

So, I logged into Comcast Chat and discussed things with Dennis. At first he gave me the company spiel of “we’re here to help you” and “so sorry that you’ve been inconvenienced.” I tried to fast forward our discussion “can we just get to the issue at hand?” That’s what chat’s for, right? Cut to the chase.

I laid out my problem: I can log into my account in both Firefox and Safari on the Mac but then I get the SmartZone loading screen and it gets hung up there.


I was told to refresh my browser page. Uh-huh, like I hadn’t thought of that. I follow the instructions to humor him. (refresh) Guess what? Yep, still hung up on the loading screen.

Now could you try logging in with a different browser. Already did but I decided to humor him again. (Logged into Safari this time.) Nada. Nothing different. Same old, same old.

Could you refresh the page, please? Okay…he gets credit for the please otherwise this is a waste of time. (refresh) I bet you can’t guess what didn’t happen.

Dennis then suggested that I log out and give it 2-4 hours. At this point it’s been 6 hours and I’m still looking longingly at my email – again.

Comcast, how I love to hate you.