Those are the words that come to mind when I think of dressage. As a matter of fact, those three words were the whole reason I changed disciplines. When I announced my intention the hunter/jumpers at my barn looked at me in shock. “What?! How could you pick something so boring? It’s worse than watching paint dry!” My response was always the same. “It’s dancing on horseback.” Sigh. “Beautiful.”

I was so naive. In my excitement I forgot to research my new passion. If I had maybe other words like Years and Geometry would have caught my attention and given me pause. Maybe.

That was three years ago. (ahem, years…)

At the new barn I was introduced to Geometry, The Twenty Meter Circle and his gang, The Four Touching Points. In the beginning they helped me learn how to ride a correct circle. However, within a few weeks I noticed that things had started to change. Small things like, I could never find all Four Touching Points when I was riding. And I swear that The Twenty Meter Circle had traded places with his twin The Oval.

Things escalated and it was obvious that I had an arch nemesis. The Twenty Meter Circle and his minions had quickly become huge thorns in my side and conspired to turn my circles into something that only Salvador Dali could’ve painted.

Well, I’m now happy to say that my years of studying geometry on horseback have paid off. Recently, the second level student I ride with exclaimed “Look at that circle!” and my instructor during another lesson stated “You know your circles.”

Yah! I vanquished the enemy!