Have you noticed that I’ve been absent? Hmm, probably not. Unfortunately, I’ve had more than my share of technical and family issues this past month.

Technical issues
Comcast had a national outage earlier in July that affected my email access. I could log into my account but I couldn’t read or send any email. I was tempted by subject lines like “U.S. Made Smoking Alternative” and “Huge Profits Alert at No Cost”. (Or maybe it was taunted?) I couldn’t read any of it for two weeks! Two! Talk about withdrawal.

I spoke to Comcast’s technical support four times before I finally asked to speak to a manager. I expressed my, um, displeasure and insisted that they compensate me for the inconvenience. (Two weeks!) As a company if you want customer loyalty you have to offer them something in return. Right? Well, I got a measley $5 credit but my email access was restored! Instantly.

Hmm, makes me wonder…

Family issues
In the meantime, my niece was here for some consultations at Childrens Hospital. The consultation turned into an admission due to dehydrated and an infection. What seemed like a quick fix dragged out into a nineteen day stay. My niece now sports a nifty pink helmet and a not so nifty feeding tube.

Needless to say, I spent most evenings and every weekend at the hospital. I don’t even remember what my own family looks like. The dogs are definitely giving me the cold shoulder.

I’m happy to say that she’s returned home. Let the healing begin!

Quick aside: During a moment when she exhibited anxiety I started modified grounding TTouch on her legs. It was amazing! She went from kicking and whining to relaxation almost instantly! A student nurse witnessed it and wanted to know more. I shared information about TTouch and the book Linda Tellington-Jones wrote called TTouch for Healthcare. Everyone benefits from good touch. Please share the info with others.