I was held mesmerized as each word Jane Hannigan spoke transported me further back in time. My ears rang with the sound of clashing swords as the battle raged. I could almost see the steam rising in a plume from the horse’s nostrils as its rider deftly shifted his weight and aimed a capriole at a throng of foot soldiers. After all, dressage movements were designed for the battlefield and a rider depended upon his horse’s agility to guarantee their safety. Falling on the forehand would be the equivalent of falling on the sword…um, deadly.

En garde! (sit back and push forward)

As it turns out, Jane is quite the magician! Unbelieveable things began to happened as I envisioned fencing on horseback. I actually achieved a consistent and round canter! I also discovered that I seem to have better half-halt in the corner. So as I rode the straights, I mentally thought “corner, corner, corner.”

This clinic was well worth auditing and I’m glad that Courtney King-Dye benefited from the event. Thank you Jane, Apple Knoll Farm and the Charles River Dressage Association!