Where’s the camera?!

I think I was replaced by a pod person and there must be some test for this. You know, like vampires can’t see their reflections…pod people don’t show up on film? Because that wasn’t me riding tonight. Nope. Not me. No way.

What happened to the real me? (Looking around the room and under the desk.) Seriously. Where’d I go?

I mean when you ask me to canter things go…um, south. That’s a safe word. Yeah, south. I gulp, hold my breath, then I twist my body into a pretzel and attempt to cue. My body has now fallen forward which prevents the poor, lovely horse from lifting it’s front end. Assuming it even understood the cue to begin with. Then my right leg starts clinging and I lose a stirrup because I’ve gone fetal. It’s an endless vicious cycle.

Until tonight…

Okay, I admit I was a little slow picking up the canter initially (stall tactics) but what a canter! Unbelievable! I sat into the saddle, moved my leg back a hair and off we went. I had effective half-halts, softening and impulsion! Talk about coming onto the bit! Where was that camera?!

I could not have asked for a better 15th wedding anniversary! That experience, though fleeting, was the best gift ever. Oh, my husband won the birdie pool so, I think he enjoyed his anniversary too.

Here’s to many more causes for celebration. (Raises bottle of Sierra Nevada.)