Psst! Hey, can I ask you something? Um, does dressage ever cause you pain? Because…well, I have to confess that during the past three years, I’ve suffered both physically and mentally. Yeah, sure I’ve had my share of sore muscles. Who hasn’t. But it was coming face to face with my own limitations that sent me reeling.

I know. A bit dramatic but it’s true!

I’ve put in hours and hours of practice, uh, make that years, only to be frustrated because my body can’t always perform what my mind, the horse or my instructor, want it to do. Crazy, huh?

But the breakthroughs! Now they make all the hard work and struggle worthwhile. Kinda balances everything out. Am I willing to put in the necessary work? Even if that means a return to basics? YES! (Thank you Type A personality!)

In the meantime, I’ll try not to be a human necklace. At least not too often.