What day is it? Sunday? Seriously? What happened to Father’s Day? My vacation? This has been one whirlwind week. A lot of driving, sigh. I’m so exhausted…zzzzzzzsnort

Huh? Oh, yeah. I went home to Albany, NY and brought my sister and the baby back to Boston. They had a series of appointments scheduled at Childrens Hospital for more consultations and testing. Then their stay was extended to fit in a few more. The hospital is certainly dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. We still don’t have answers but a few things have been ruled out. More appointments are scheduled in July.

My brother-in-law arrived Friday night with the older girls. We had quite a slumber party. Inflatable beds, bodies, dogs, clothing and baby equipment covered every inch of the house. Utter chaos but in a good way.

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