Yesterday, I was driving down a pleasant beach road. We had just dropped off my in-laws and were reflecting on how nice our day had been. As we approached the bend my husband shouted, “Watch it!” and in a blink of an eye my foot had left the gas pedal and slammed on the brakes. The suddenness of our stop threw me forward and I felt the seat belt tighten across my chest. It was only then that I spotted the car speeding out of the marina. Thankfully, no harm was done and we avoided a nasty accident.

As I look back I can’t help but think how much that instant reflects my riding. Specifically, downward transitions. Uh-huh, those. Just call me a human necklace. It’s not pretty. Not graceful. Uh, not good. Sigh. So, it’s back to basics.

Thigh blocks are our friends

Did you know that? I’ve used an all purpose saddle for so long that I’ve forgotten what thigh blocks look like. When you’re as short as I am you just can’t wrap your legs around the horse. Therefore, I’ve been encouraged to use the thigh blocks. I think the exact phrasing was “jam your thighs into them!”

Behold! Nice downward transitions in walk/halt, walk/trot, trot/halt and trot/walk. Unbelievable!