“Hello? Are you there — ”  Aaaargh, this connection stinks!

We were having such a lovely conversation. That is until I turned the corner near M and encountered an ear full of static. Sigh. But what’s a girl to do? I’ve already switched service providers and believe me it’s not them. Oh, my God! Do you think it’s because I have a pay as you go plan? I swear, I just purchased an hour.

Nah. On second thought, I think it’s the wiring. You know, a loose connection. Let’s see…it starts over here and seems to be firmly attached to that metal thingy. Then it runs up here and if I hold both of them just so…

Aha! Now we’re talking!

Where were we…
Oh, yeah! A nice walk around the arena.
walking, walking, walking, … ??!!!
Another dropped call! This is soooo annoying!

Now, I know it’s a faulty connection. Yep. My hands did it. Oh, and my arms because they’re attached and we all know about guilt by association. Sigh. If they’d only listened to the service provider we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Okay now, listen up! Hands, we need to provide this horse with a nice following, elastic connection. Right and left hand unite! Move as one unit forward and back as the horse walks and moves it’s head. Oh, and stay on your own side of the horse. No crossing over the withers. You are independent and no longer attached to the corresponding hip. (Hips, keep up the good work.)

That’s right! United, moving forward and back. Now pick up a trot.
trotting, trotting, trotting, … ??!!
Another dropped call!

Hands, you dropped the connection again! You’re not supposed to move around. Stop moving. Wait, don’t really stop moving. That’s a lie and will make you stiff and then all hell will break loose. You have to move to absorb the motion. Think of an old fashioned washing board. As I rise, you go down (open elbow). As I sit, you rise up (close elbow).

Feels weird. Looks good.

Keep practicing and I’ll call you soon.