They think I’m nuts. Really. My choices in physical fitness aren’t exactly typical but then again neither am I. First there was dressage and now there’s boxing. That’s right. Boxing. Not kick boxing. Boxing. Nuts, huh?

It’s perfect! Forget that boring treadmill!

I’m working on developing muscle tone, coordination, stamina, overall body conditioning and core strengthening. Oh, and balance. I’ve never seen results so fast! I couldn’t walk because my legs were so sore but results win! Losing five pounds is nothing to sneeze at either. Did I mention stress relief? Yep, you can imagine your latest nemesis’ face on that bag and pound away.

No need to be shy. It’s an all girl’s class taught by a professional boxer. He changes it every time and I love it! Not the splats though. I don’t like splats. I do however, love my new fitter body.

Check it out.

Did I happen to mention that my faults have shown up in boxing too? Uh-huh, simple things like not breathing or falling forward when I lost my balance. Dang multi-tasking!