I had my first lesson in, um, let’s see…two months? What can I say? Life got in the way and sacrifices had to be made. But enough about that. I’m back! I’m back in the saddle again!

Welcome to the next leg of my journey – biomechanics!

Uh-huh, I found an instructor, who’s instructor trains with Mary Wanless. I’m thrilled! Tickled pink in fact. Wait. I hate that color. Huh? What was I saying? Oh, yeah…

So, without further ado…drum roll please…let me introduce Savannah. She’s a Clydesdale / TB cross, trained to First Level, steady but with enough go to make it fun! Definitely not a push button horse. I had to work to keep her straight!

So, how’d it go? Pretty well actually. Even though I was collapsing on the left and my arms were moving like I was jogging instead of riding. Oh, and my transitions were a little rough. By the end of the lesson though my transitions were smoother. My arms started following the bit too. That is as long as I thought about moving them together forward and back. Oh, and kept my elbows glued to my sides.

Let’s see what else? I had to overcome my natural tendency to look too far around the corner. Why? Because that causes my upper body to twist and in turn the horse jack knives. Look softly between the horse’s ears and indicate bend through the elbow. So simplistic, so logical, so darned hard for me to do! Going in the opposite direction I had to exaggerate the opening of my inside right rein. It’s her hollow side and without it she was more then happy to head toward the center of the ring.

I even did several 20-meter circles! gasp! OK, they weren’t exactly 20-meters but I felt good about it so I guess it’s time to ride again.