I’mSoStressedOut. MyMindIsWhirrlingAMileAMinute. It’sLikeANeverEndingCaffeineHigh. EvenMyBloodPressureIsElevated. I’mOverWhelmedAndNotEnjoyingThings. WhyAmITalkingLikeThis? PleaseMakeItStop.

Deep breathe




OK, I admit it. I’m stressed and a little burned out. Actually, I’m a complete mess. Let’s see…there’s work, freelancing, housekeeping, family illnesses and raging menopausal hormones. I’m tired, so tired. Oh, did I mention spring fever? That too.

I’m riding one wild roller coaster right now and I need to get off.

I’ve decided to take a break from riding. At the moment, I’m doing myself and the horses more harm then good. A break’s in order. Time away to mend, heal and s-l-o-w down.

Two weeks later
It’s working. I’m calming down. AlthoughThereAreStillTimesWhenIStartToGetRevedUp.

Deep breathe, inhale, exhale

I must’ve slept 13 hours the first Saturday off. Actually, that may not count. I had a migraine. Darn stress. Although recently I found myself humming in the shower! And laughing! I was laughing again. How nice.

I really needed to take this time off to kick back and smell the roses.
Maybe you should too.