Have you read this month’s issue of Dressage Today? The New England Dressage Association is mentioned throughout! I’m so proud. It really should’ve been renamed NEDA Today.

The feature article is about the NEDA fall symposium with Hubertus Schmidt.
I wish I could’ve attended. <sigh> I know…woulda, coulda, shoulda…

The photos were taken by Carole MacDonald. She’s so nice! She allowed me alter one of her photos for the NEDA Spring Cover I designed. Isn’t it nice? I can’t wait to start on this year’s program.

Designed by yours truly.

Flipping the page

Oh, and look! There’s Keith Angstadt on Donnertanz. I interviewed him last spring for A Tip of the Hat. He was so nice and laid back. His daughter was too shy to actually speak to me herself. Not that I was a great interviewer. Read the article here.

Flipping pages

Hey! I know her. That’s Deborah Witty of Trilogy Saddles. Well, okay, I don’t really know her but we hung out and chatted at NEDA Fall. I even set up all her art work in the hospitality tent. Wow! She knows Debbie McDonald.

Flipping pages

Kariel Swanfeldt is Youth Volunteer of the Year. Now there’s a family to hang out with. I had a blast with them in the hospitality tent. Good for her.

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Paul Cormier, NEDA President, is mentioned in Dr. Barish’s farewell letter.

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Chocolate! Wait a minute. That’s not just any chocolate, it’s Dark Horse Chocolates, Trail Mix from Harbor Sweets. Yummy! Phyllis LeBlanc owns that chocolate company. It brought many smiles to our faces and tummies during the NEDA Fall Show. She did too. Uh, to our faces. Not our tummies.

Chocolate. Have I said it enough?
I bet you want some. I do.
Don’t do it! Think elliptical machine.

Are there any other NEDA members hiding in the magazine?
Come out, come out where ever you are!
Shaking magazine