Ah, controversy. It’s the spice of life isn’t it? Now I admit that I enjoy spicy food immensely but I’m not so sure that I like a spicy life. In this particular case it gave me indigestion. So, while chug-a-lugging Pepto-Bismol, I hit the delete button and sent a recent post into the cyber trash can. Gone. Bye-bye. <sigh>

Do I feel better? Not really. Despite the support of my family and several readers, I caved. I didn’t hold true to myself or the whole reason I started this blog. It’s to confess the struggles of an adult amateur dressage rider. (Uh, that would be me.) Anything from mental monsters to pervasive thoughts within our society. Instead of confessing I censored myself. Very un-American.

Today, I received Jane Savoie’s newsletter and felt justified. I was struggling with something that even an Olympic coach and dressage rider considered important. Granted she specifically addresses the communication between horse and rider but I think we can all see how it holds true for other areas of our life.

In order to avoid stirring the pot further I’ll let Jane and Moshi speak for me. Make of it what you will.

Motivation from Moshi with a side dish of inspiration from Indy
Jane Savoie’s newsletter, 2/23/10

From Moshi
I often hear Jane talking to people in sounds that I don’t understand. I may not be clear on the distinctions of her human words, but I can hear and feel the meaning behind them.

She has suggested that people eliminate the word “not” from their vocabulary because there’s no picture in the mind for the word “Not”. None of us can picture “not”! Since I process the world in mental pictures, the word “not” creates mind pictures that are just the opposite of what the person really wants.

Saying, “Don’t shy.” tells me there’s danger ahead, and I SHOULD shy to keep us safe.

Jane speaks to me in positive words, whose meaning creates the picture in her mind and my mind of what she DOES want. That, I can understand!

How do you speak to your horse, and to yourself? Train yourself to always speak and think in what you DO want, not in words describing what you don’t want.

Let’s go riding!
Love, Moshi