Not something I usually do but this story really touched me. Probably because I adopted a visually impaired dog. Anyway, a wonderful family has adopted a blind horse and the story is about how accepting their horses are of him. Over the course of time Braille has learned to trust the family and was ridden for the first time since losing his sight.

Bland recently rode Braille for the first time, and was thrilled with the results. He had dressage training before he went blind. Bland sees a fire in him and a desire to work. She is looking for a patient, kind dressage rider to work with Braille.

“When I take him for a walk down the road on the lead line,” Bland said, “he has such a pep in his step. He has the most beautiful rocking horse canter.”

“He wants to do something,” she added. “I can sense it.”

If you live or winter in the West Palm Beach, Florida area perhaps you could assist in Braille’s dressage training. Everyone needs a job and a sense of self worth and apparently Braille loves dressage. I wish I could help…

Acreage family adopts Braille, a big, blind white horse

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