Once again, I explored the art of boot-istry. (Ahem, you know…boot reading.) Today’s boots were submitted by Jane over at The Literary Horse. Please visit her blog to learn more about Mr. Chips, her family and life as a catch rider. I guarantee you at least one good laugh. Seriously.

History Jane is a catch rider and has been riding a number of different horse daily. In order for me to understand the wear on her two year old boots she gave me the following 5 day riding schedule.

Five day schedule
First year:
5 different horses, 3 daily
3 different horses, 2 daily
(Um, that’s a lot of horses and riding.)

Let the reading of Jane’s boots begin.
(Disclaimer: This is an inexact science and to the best of my knowledge I’ve made it up.)

Pink = Inner leg
Blue = Back of the leg

Mountain Horse boots: Nice rugged, non-nonsense boots that can be used for the show ring.
Wrinkles: These are well broken in. I think they’re the correct size for the length of her calves.
Scatches/cracks: There are a number of interesting scratches and cracks. They outweigh the wear marks.
Scrapes: Notice the scrapes on the inside right foot? If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Jane rode with her toes turned out and her toes scraping the walls of the arena. OW!

Jane's boots

Jane's boots

Inside leg: Jane uses the inside of her leg but not for riding. The wear marks are more usage marks then riding. Some of the scratches almost have me thinking that the boots are tossed around in the back of a locker. I suspect that Jane has long legs too. The upper portion of her boots rest on the flaps and the lower leg is against her horse. That would also explain why there isn’t as much wear. Legs off and away from the horse’s side. When the legs are on they aren’t clinging. Light whispers when she applies the aids.
Back of the leg: Jane is using the back of her leg as evidenced by the slightly brown discoloration of the boots. I doubt that this is a serious problem and may actually occur when she’s scraping the inside of her foot along the wall.

I have no idea if Jane is right / left handed but the wear is more noticeable on the right side. I’ll assume that she’s right handed and that’s her stronger side. Overall, she’s a confident rider with good body position.

Now for the real expert to chime in. Jane, what do you think?