Mary Wanless

Mary Wanless

Mary Wanless will be returning to Larkspur Farm, MA in May 2010. She is an internationally renowned coach, author and clinician. Mary has ridden with and coached many well known riders and is best known for her biomechanics teachings.

Mark your calendar
May 15-17, 2010
Larkspur Farm, Littleton, MA
Riders and auditors are welcome!
Contact: Sibley Hannigan
and tell her Lee sent you.

A little about Mary

30 years ago, when Mary was frustrated with her limited progress as a pupil, she set out to discover how talented riders do what they do. Her guiding question was ‘What is presupposed?’ So when a rider is told, say, to ‘Get the horse on the bit?’ , what is the trainer presupposing? That the rider already has these skills (but somehow forgot, or just didn’t bother to impliment them?!) That she ought to be able to do it because it’s easy?

Any co-ordination that is easy (and therefore a ‘bit size chunk’) for the trainer is not necessarily a ‘bite size chunk’ for the pupil. When the trainer says ‘Do X’ she is assuming that he pupil can do ‘A,B,C,D,’ etc. just as she can! But that may not be the case. The reality is that most trainers teach the pupil as if they were teaching themselves. The skill of coaching lies in the coach’s/trainer’s ability to cross that skill-gap, and show the pupil her own personallised next steps, that will move her on from her current starting point.

Read more about this at Mary’s website.