As adult amateur dressage riders we’re often faced with adversity. After all how can we lead rich, full and balanced lives while still pursuing our passion and dreams? The way we handle it is what really makes life interesting. Right? Take me for example. I work full time and have a family. Financially, we’re okay, but I don’t feel that I could afford my own horse. Believe me, I know what’s involved and it’s expensive!

My solution? I pretend to own.

And on that note…it’s official! I’ve taken a lease on Thunder for January. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to fine-tune my cantering skills, among other things. I can ride a great, older gentleman and even better he’s a privately owned horse. That means I’m not dealing with school horse issues! Oh, have I mentioned bombproof? I swear an avalanche of snow slid off the indoor arena’s roof and he didn’t flinch. I don’t even think he blinked! How do I plan to fund this expense? Freelance website design.

I’m thrilled! Excited! (Jumping up and down! Even the dogs are jumping up and down!)

My husband…well, not so much. (No jumping up and down here. Adversity.)

His argument: It’s more then you paid for a month of practice rides and you’re paying twice! You pay for your lesson and again to ride him in it!

Me: It’s a good price and I’m paying for it with my freelance job! (Take that! Ha!)

My instructor: You’re a good match. (She talking about the horse of course. Sigh.)

My son: What’s the big deal? It’s not that expensive and he golfs.

So, I prevail against adversity and plow ahead. My husband may not be on board with the lease but he is encouraging me to inquire about becoming an instructor’s apprentice. Silly man. I don’t think I’ll ever understand him.